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Text Box: New Staff 
Let us all join together in giving a warm CVA welcome to all new staff members. Please give them your full support and co-operation.                                                                                              
 Cheryl-Ann Grant - Clinical Nurse                        Trudy Hutchinson - Customer Service Representative                   Natasha Bartholomew - Cashier                                                                                                                                                                                      (Drive-Thru Pharmacy)       
Matitia Wessels - Accounts Clerk                                          Rachael Charles - Accounts Clerk                                 Samantha Hinds - Stores Clerk   
Lee-Ann Douglin - Office Assistant             Stacia Cassie - Pharmacy Clerk (Ultra Care Pharmacy)            Sherry Marshall - Cashier (Ultra Care Pharmacy)  (Human Resource Department)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
                  Gabrielle Gordon - Cashier (Drive-Thru Pharmacy)                                             Crystal Thomas - Cashier (Ultra Care Pharmacy)
Congratulations to Keisha and Heather on their new appointments. Let us all join to give them our full support and co-operation.  
      Keisha Johnson - Acting Manager, Stores & Procurement                                                   Heather Munroe - Acting CSR Supervisor























Text Box: 10 Principles for Keeping Stress Levels Down


























Office Survival:

Nowhere are you more susceptible to stress than at work. It is there that work and personal pressures combine to tax your system to its limits. While there is no cure for job stress, here is a set of proven principles that you might want to use on a daily basis to keep your job stress down to manageable proportions.

1. Set reasonable goals for yourself and set up a timetable. You will be surprised how quickly your accomplishments add up pursuing modest goals at a steady pace.

2. Take pride in your work. This will make you strive to do your best, which will result in confidence, enthusiasm, and optimism.

3. Learn to enjoy your work. Discover ways to make your job more interesting and challenging. Creating better ways of doing your job will bring you increased satisfaction.

4. Do a little more than is expected. Quality work is always noticed, though not always immediately acknowledged. But in the long run your extra efforts will payoff.

5. Keep your job in perspective. You should work to live, not live to work. Learn to divert some of your energy to those activities in life which bring you pure pleasure.

6. Treat others with courtesy and respect. That is what you want, so take the initiative and give before getting. It will make for a pleasant and productive environment.

7. Do not make unreasonable demands of others. Doing so increases resistance to both productivity and co-operation. Try to understand the pressures that others are under.

8. Be willing to compromise. Your views, strategies, and ways of doing things may be and feel right to you, but because everyone has a stake in the outcome, learn to compromise.

9. Co-operate rather than compete. Your right hand and your left hand are rarely at odds with each other, so do not allow yourself to be at odds with your co-workers.

10. Give appreciation for a job well done. People consistently rank money much lower than job satisfaction. Part of the satisfaction others receive should come from you.

 By Robert Dato, Ph.D., NCPSYA 1981 Robert Dato, Ph.D.


How To Develop and Practice Positive Work Habits

Every workplace has them--the people that make it look easy. They are liked by co-workers as well as management. Promotions and raises naturally come their way. What is their secret?  If you want to be that kind of employee, there are a few things that you can do to develop and practice positive work habits:

1. Identify the traits that you want to foster. Take a good look at your current strengths and weaknesses--and be honest with yourself. Everyone has room for improvement and the first step toward making changes is deciding what you want to work on.

2. Put yourself in the shoes of your boss. Try to be the employee that you'd want to have! Be there--on time, all the time. Attendance matters, so do what's necessary to be sure that you are viewed as reliable. Set an alarm and leave a little early; be at work, ready to work, before your scheduled starting time. Not only does running in the door at the last minute leave you feeling rushed and overwhelmed, it looks really bad to your boss, too.

3. Be a team player. Help your coworkers when you can. Don't worry too much about getting the credit--people notice who "gets things done."

4. Teach others what you know. Encourage and celebrate co-worker success. Fostering a supportive environment is good for everyone!

5. Stay organized and meet deadlines. When you have a project due, pace your work so that you meet your deadline without compromising quality. Use a date-book, if necessary.

6. Be an optimist. Everyone prefers the company of upbeat, positive people.

7. Stay "in the loop" socially at work, but never engage in gossip or other negative talk about bosses or co-workers. Always maintain a professional demeanor.

8. Take care of yourself. Eat a healthy diet and get sufficient rest. Maintain a reasonable schedule when you know that you have to work the next day. Sleep deprivation reduces productivity.

9. Find balance. Try to give extra to your job when you can, but make time to engage in non-work-related hobbies and interests. Taking time to relax, unwind and recharge will allow you to avoid burnout.

10. If you manage others, try to do so by using positive reinforcement. Everyone responds better to encouragement than to degradation.

11. Ethics matter. When you are at work, you are not only representing yourself, but your company, as well. A company's reputation depends greatly on the behavior of its employees. Behave as though your mother is watching!

 Quick Tips:

 When making improvements, work on one area at a time.

 Present yourself in a professional manner. Speak and dress well.

         Career Builder: By Elizabeth Grace


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Text Box: MARCH 
. Stacey Abraham-Ottley
. Besham Hosein 
. Maureen Johnson








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. Avion Bruce                                                 . Gwendolyn Bryan
. Cherise Greenidge                                      Christine Grant
 Jacqueline Millette-Walters                     Allan Ameer Ali
 Mujib Ali Khan                                               Kimberly Peters

General Information

- The position of Administrative Assistant to Dr. Ronald Henry (Chairman) and Dr. Paula Henry (Director) has been reclassified to that of Personal Assistant.     

- The position Dispensary Technician has been renamed as Pharmacy Technician.                  

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